The Number One Thing Men Judge In A Potential Date

What Men Judge Women Most OnWhen you think of what attracts men to women, you usually think boobs, butt, legs, hair, etc. But you’ll never guess the number one thing men judge their potential dates on… her teeth!

According to a Match.com survey of around 5,500 singles, the number one characteristic both men and women judge potential dates on is their teeth.

Unsurprisingly, out of the top ten things men judge women most on, over half are based on appearance. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the second thing men judge women on most is her grammar.

Here is a chart that displays the results of the survey when it comes to what men judge most in their potential dates:

what men judge in womenGood teeth are an indication of your overall health and hygiene, so it’s no wonder that a nice set of pearly whites is one of the most important characteristics to both men and women.

So, the next time you’re spending hours primping for a date, don’t forget to floss! Also remember to focus on smiling at your date so he can check out your chompers.

If he says you have a nice smile, you know you’ve made a good first impression.

To read more about the Match.com survey, click here.

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