How To Get Him To Connect Emotionally

Emotional attraction is far more powerful than physical attraction when it comes to a lasting relationship. It’s what makes a man fall in love and feel like you’re the only one for him. Knowing how to get him to connect emotionally may be the difference between a casual fling and a committed relationship.

How To Get Him To Emotionally ConnectMost women crave an emotional connection with a man. We want him to share his deepest thoughts, feelings, and hopes for the future.

If this seems like a clichéd female fantasy, it’s because it pretty much is! In reality, he sees our expectations to connect emotionally as nothing but a nagging headache.

So how can you inspire him to want an emotional connection too? First, you need to understand the emotional differences between men and women in relationships.

Women are instinctively more eager to commit and connect, and are willing to invest time and effort into the process, while men are more gut-driven and like to “go with the flow”.

Since men are wired so differently, you must proceed carefully when encouraging him to open up. This means that if you push him too hard, you can accidentally turn a naturally feel-good relationship into a heavy, stressful situation.

When men feel like they’re being pushed to offer more than what feels natural, they’ll regress and try to create space. Or worse, they’ll go into man cave mode and avoid you entirely!

And some men will act this way no matter what you do because they’re emotionally unavailable. Whether it’s because you’re not the right woman or he’s just allergic to relationships, he won’t want a connection. Period.

For the right man, however, there are some key dos and don’ts you can follow to increase the chances of an emotional connection:

1. Don’t: Never pester a man about why he isn’t connecting with you emotionally. If you nag, you’ll just turn him off.

Do: Create mystery by letting him gradually learn more about you to build tension and interest. As he becomes more attracted to you, he’ll naturally find ways to connect and grow closer.

2. Don’t: Overwhelm him with questions that make you look controlling and anxious. This means you should never say things like, “Why aren’t you more open about your feelings?”

Do: Flip the script on him, so you’re presenting yourself as the desirable prize and he’s the lucky one for even being considered. This means you should say something like, “ I enjoy spending time together, but it’s very difficult for me to justify continuing anything with you when I’m getting little in return. If you want me, you’ll have to do better.”

3. Don’t: Continue to talk about shallow things like your friend’s fashion blog or your favorite character from “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. There’s only so much female junk he’s willing to talk about.

Do: Talk with confidence about your unique interests and achievements to spark his attraction. You should also listen to his personal goals and interests if you expect the same level of investment from him.

4. Don’t: Refuse to call it quits. If the chemistry doesn’t feel mutual, don’t push something that isn’t meant to be.

Do: Stay positive and smile a lot. Men love being around women who emit a good vibe.

5. Don’t: Sleep with him right away. You’ll risk losing your appeal and even some authority in the early dating stages.

Do: Show confidence by having physical boundaries, while still maintaining a strong sexual identity. This shows self-worth, which is super attractive!

Overall, you should keep in mind that your approach should always be light and natural. Men hate feeling forced to rush the pace of the relationship. This is why you should always keep the vibe positive and pleasant.

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  1. I like a guy that is want to get married and have a kid later on down the road.i like a guy that gives me flowers and cards and stuff animes and how like cats and doges . And dont want to have sex right away.

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