Is He Interested In A Relationship?

Have you just start dating a guy and find yourself asking, is he interested in a relationship? Chances are it hasn’t even crossed his mind yet…

Is He Interested In A RelationshipWe all know the topic of relationships doesn’t usually inspire the same excitement in men as it does for women.

What’s worse is that we live in a romantically lax culture where dating is practically a hobby and sex is always a swipe or tap away! No wonder men have become so lazy toward commitment.

Most men, by nature, don’t idealize settling down the same way women do. That’s why raising the topic of a relationship to a man can be a total buzz kill for what he saw as a light, feel-good romance. So, no matter how much we want to deny it, the cold hard truth is that men are generally not as interested as we are in relationships… Yikes!

That’s not to say that men are never interested in relationships, but it’s just not the first thing he’s thinking about when he starts dating you. So what does make a man interested in being in a serious relationship?

The most common reason usually comes down to two factors. He’s either reached the point in his life where he wants to settle down or he’s completely intoxicated and wrapped-up in how a woman makes him feel. And sometimes the reason can be a combination of both.

When a man does decide he wants to be in a relationship, it’s because he feels a strong connection to a woman. It doesn’t have to be logical or time-dependent; it doesn’t even necessarily have to do with anything you said or did. All that matters is that the chemistry or “zing” is there and he just knows he wants you. When these feelings come rushing in, he WILL feel that urge to be in a relationship with you.

When a man reaches that point, he’ll usually show signs that he’s ready to take the next step. He might start calling or texting you more regularly, ask you to meet his family, or want to spend a weekend somewhere special with you.

Another vital thing to know is that none of these signs or behaviors can be forced out of a man. As frustrating as this can be, you can’t argue, convince, or manipulate your way into a relationship just because it seems right to YOU. Even if a relationship seems completely and utterly natural in your eyes, you can’t force him to share these feelings.

He may really like you and enjoy spending time with you, but if he’s not whole-heartedly interested in committing to you, there’s no amount of convincing that will change that. In that case, you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to stick around until he changes his mind— but usually he won’t.

Whether it’s because he’s not at the right stage in his life or his feelings just aren’t strong enough, you’re too special to wait around for some joker who can’t tell his ass from his elbow!

We need to respect that a relationship isn’t something you can force. Men hate being pressured into doing something they don’t genuinely want themselves. You’ll end up creating tension and stressing him out, turning him off completely!

Ultimately, a relationship has to be a two-way street. If both of you aren’t on board, you need to pack up and move onto the next guy. You shouldn’t neglect your own needs and desires. We often get so caught up in the excitement of a new prospect and the potential for love that we forget the most important thing of all: is he even worthy of making you happy?

Do you truly want a relationship with him or are you just idealizing the possibility of having one? When you respect your own needs and desires, you’ll attract a relationship with someone worthy of you.

If you feel that he’s truly worthy of you and seems like he might be interested in a relationship, there are some things you can do to make him even more attracted to you. Check out this video to learn more:

3 Steps To Make A Man Love You

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