Is He Cheating? – 7 Warning Signs to Look For

Your gut might tell you he’s cheating, but is it just insecurity messing with your head?

If you think your man might be cheating, your gut isn’t always the most reliable indicator. Often, a bad gut feeling is really just insecurity chipping away at us. So how do you know if it’s just insecurity or if you’re actually onto something?

Here are 7 warning signs to look for that he might be cheating:

1. He’s grown distant

If he’s creating distance between you, it’s possible he’s struggling with guilt. A cheater with at least half a conscience will take some time to consider his actions and what they mean. He might need space to evaluate the relationship and decide how much he values it. Of course, this type of man is not worthy of you—not one bit!

2. He’s secretive with his phone

If he’s hiding his phone from you, it’s cause for concern that he’s hiding a semi-nude selfie or two. For a cheater, his phone is likely a secret cache of dirty texts and emojis to hide all his sketchy business.

He might act nervous or panicky when you need to use his phone. These guys never know when a racy photo or message will pop up and they’ll have to answer for themselves. In that case, you can text the dirty pic back to him with a #cheatingidiot.

3. He’s picked up some new sex tricks

Unless he’s an avid reader of GQ, there are very few reasons why he’d be learning new sex tricks. While becoming better in bed is no crime, it certainly does raise some suspicion. It’s possible your man broadened his repertoire of sexual maneuvers and pleasuring tactics by experimenting with someone else. If your man is switching things up in the bedroom, it may be a sign he’s cheating.

4. He’s less interested in sex

Instead of becoming more creative in bed, his behavior could take a turn in the opposite direction! A cheater may show less interest in sex if he’s getting it somewhere else. Some men are desperate for variety, so he might veer toward another woman sexually, but still remain with you for the girlfriend perks.

Of course, this is not always the case! As a relationship progresses, a man becomes more comfortable with you and his initial lust fades. He may not crave sex as often as part of the natural flow of the relationship.

5. He accuses you of cheating

The guilty one is usually first to point the finger. So if he starts accusing you of being unfaithful or becomes distrusting of you, it could be because he’s worried that you’re up to the same tricks. Basically, a guy who cheats can grow paranoid that you’re just as sketchy as him. He may start thinking things like, “hmmm maybe she’s also lying about being with friends tonight.” Beware of his accusations!

6. He’s become unavailable

If your guy is too “busy” to see you, chances are he’s making room for someone else. A faithful man wants to see you as much as he can because it makes him happy. So if you’re noticing that he’s sparing less time for you, then you may have to think about why.

However, you should also understand that sometimes life really does get hectic and he might actually be busy. Since he might be telling the truth, you should only consider cheating as a worse-case-scenario. Just keep in mind that there is a line between being honestly busy and being abnormally busy.

7. Go with your gut

When all else fails, go with your gut! While it isn’t the most reliable of signs, it does have merit. As women, we’re sensitive creatures by nature and on occasion, our womanly intuition can be right. Essentially, the pit in your stomach can sense when something is off. It might be because you’re not the only lady on his roster!

While we all want to believe our man is loyal, one of the good guys, you can’t let love blind you. No matter how desperately you might want to cling onto denial or believe you’re just crazy, you should listen to your instincts. Ultimately, if you’re worried he may be cheating, you should consider these warning signs before making your next move.

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