How To Attract Men: The Number One Thing You Must Have

Want to know the secret to being a man magnet? You already have what it takes but you just might not have realized it yet.

Attracting MenWomen spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to attract men.

We go to great lengths to look just right, but is it enough?

What if I told you that physical appearance was only a small part of what separates the average woman from the man magnets?

It’s true that men are visual creatures. They are attracted to women based on physical appearance.

But have you ever known an average-looking woman who could still attract guys like a magnet?

I had a friend in high school who was not the prettiest girl in the bunch. She didn’t have features that would be considered to be classically beautiful.

However, she was always the first person in our group to get a guy’s attention. I always used to watch her in awe as she worked her magic.

So what made this girl different? Why was she able to attract any guy she wanted with no effort at all?

The answer is confidence!

Maybe you’ve heard it before, but it is without a doubt the number one thing that men find attractive in a woman.

Without confidence, you could be a supermodel and you won’t attract many guys (well many good guys).

When it comes to attracting men, the vibes you give off are just important as your actual physical appearance. If you give off a self-confident vibe, it’s going to attract guys, period.

If you lack self-confidence, that sends off a man-repelling vibe. Guys just aren’t attracted to women who aren’t confident.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t believe you are hot, sexy stuff, no guy is going to believe it either. When you believe it, everyone else will believe it too.

Unfortunately, when you give off a self-conscious vibe, the only guys you’ll attract are the losers who are out to take advantage of girls with low self-esteem. They sense you from a mile away and pounce.

These types of guys are the ones who will use shady and manipulative tactics to get in your pants. Once they get what they want, they’re onto the next unsuspecting woman.

If you want to attract a good guy, you need to radiate self-confidence. When you know your worth, guys will flock to you. They’ll sense that you are a high-value woman because that’s the vibe you’re giving off.

Some women, like my friend from high school, have confidence naturally. Some of us have to work a bit harder to get there.

The good news is that every woman can learn to be confident. While you can’t always change your physical features, confidence is something you can have right now!

If you feel like you could use a little help in the confidence department, check this out.

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  1. Just be confident LOL

  2. Co worker guy always teasing, looking, asks about me when I am out, stands close, bump into me, always sit by me if he can when seat is available, comes and make small chat sometimes, ask me if I have a bf, teases me about other guys, and ect. Does he want to be friends?

  3. Martha Crowe says

    I would like more advice on this topic. I know a guy who is always hot and cold on me. I know he doesn’t see other girls but he’s always emotionally unavailable. He always says something sweet one day and gives me one word answers the next day. I don’t know what to do. Guys and advice?

  4. Derek Potts says

    You can exude as much confidence a you like, but alot of guys will feel threatened regardless of how good you may look. dont believe me?…..open for comment.

  5. I agree all the way even though men sent usually attracted to me as I may want them to be??

  6. Very smart , i’m a man and i can say that it’s true !

  7. Hey!… I love the points you gave and the most vital point is self confidence! I truly believe in what you wrote! My confidence has raised xoxoxo 😉

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