10 Signs He’s A Keeper

Dating can often feel like a never-ending process of sorting through dodgy men. Yet, once in a while, someone worthwhile may come along and surprise you. But then you might find yourself asking, “Is this guy for real?”

10 Signs He's A KeeperSadly, sometimes it isn’t real at all. He might just be trying to impress you during the newness of the honeymoon stage.

Although this is completely normal, you never want to cling onto the illusion of a lasting relationship with a guy who’s only invested in the moment. You want a man who’s fully committed to you in the present and the future as well.

If you’re wondering if your man is Romeo with relationship ADD or the real deal, there are some clear-cut signs to watch out for. Here are 10 signs he’s a keeper:

1. He remembers the details

A man who remembers all the little things you do and say is usually a keeper. It proves that he’s savoring all your wonderful thoughts, habits and other little tidbits. If he values these things, it’s likely that he genuinely cherishes you as a person. This is a keeper!

2. He wants to impress your family

A smart man knows that “making the cut” in your family’s eyes helps seal your relationship. For this reason, being accepted by them should be enormously important to him. If he can see a future with you, he will make every effort to win over your family with all the integrity and charm he can muster.

3. He can be real with you

Being real means he doesn’t need to pull out his bag of tricks and resort to games to attract you. An immature man may try to work his magic on you, while maintaining the upper hand by using a few classic tactics. For instance, he might wait a few days in between texts or worse, he might casually mention other women or ex-girlfriends in order to create tension and uncertainty on your part.

Although these are attempts to be mysterious and attractive, he’s not being genuine or taking any real risks to become closer to you. A man who is willing to make himself vulnerable and act honestly with you is the one who is a definite keeper!

4. He does the little things

As cliché as this saying goes, it always ring true! A boyfriend who cares will pay attention to all the little things that make you happy, and he’ll use them to bring you two closer. This could be as simple as bringing you a new phone case to replace your broken one or working to fix your slow computer. The important thing here is that love doesn’t always require over-the-top fairytale gestures because romance often comes down to the little things.

5. He’s not afraid to talk about the future

This is probably one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a keeper. If your man is antsy or vague when it comes to talking about the future, it’s because he’s not sure about the prospect. On the other hand, if he’s comfortable with this topic, it’s because he can genuinely picture this possibility and is taking it seriously. This type of man is the one you want!

6. He never forgets important events in your life

The one who remembers events like birthdays, interviews, anniversaries or any other important milestone is someone who cares about your life and personal growth. This type of guy is really rooting for your success and happiness— keeper!

7. He cares about your feelings

There are too many men out there who are either careless or pretend to care, but there are very few who actually care. Signs of caring will almost never come from words—that’s too easy. The real indication is if his actions suggest it. Actions always speak louder than words.

8. You make him want to become a better man

He might already be great, but if he loves you, he’ll want to be better. This is motivated by his impulse to be attractive to you and pave a promising path for a potential future. On an instinctual level, he’s protective of you and will work hard to make himself a more impressive mate to secure the relationship.

9. He’s a giver (in and out of the sac)

A man who enjoys making you smile will act as generously as he can to keep you happy. He understands that for a relationship to work, both parties need to be willing to give to one another. This standard extends to the bedroom just as much. For a real man, a woman’s pleasure is just as appealing as his own. As a giving lover, he will appreciate the fullness of a woman’s sexuality.

When you can fully enjoy yourself and completely let go, there’s a magnetic connection both mentally and physically. By creating these moments, he develops an intense chemical energy between you two that’s much hotter than just mere sex.

10. He makes you feel special

Never underestimate the importance of this one. When the RIGHT man recognizes how special you are, he’ll make sure to show you he feels this way. He may cook you dinner, sacrifice a guys’ night, or sing your praises to his friends. No matter how he chooses to express it, you’ll always feel incredibly awesome around him. Feeling good in your relationship is the easiest sign you’re with a keeper.

If your man shows all or most of these signs, you can be certain that you’re with a real keeper. And when you’ve got one, hold onto him and don’t throw him back into the sea!

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