Why Do Men Cheat? – The Top 10 Reasons

Why Do Men Cheat?If you’ve ever been cheated on, the first thought that probably came to your mind was WHY? Why did he do this to me?

Many are quick to blame biology. You’ve probably heard this excuse a million times before.

Men are biologically programmed to spread their seeds to keep the population growing. The problem is that it’s been thousands of years since the survival of the human species was actually a real concern.

Men have evolved since then and are indeed capable of monogamy. There are plenty of men out there who stay faithful to their women.

So why do some men cheat? There are of course many different reasons why men might cheat. It all depends on the individual guy and the relationship, because every situation is different.

Here are the top ten reasons why men cheat:

1. Opportunity

It’s not that often that a gorgeous woman offers herself up to a guy on a silver platter. When this rare opportunity arises, it can be difficult for a guy to turn it down.

It really comes down to a lack of willpower. Even the most loyal guy could be weak enough to cheat when given the opportunity

2. Variety

Some men simply get tired of having sex with the same woman all the time. They crave variety and cheat even when they are happy in their relationships.

This is also why men don’t always cheat with women who are any more attractive than their partners. It’s just that they are new, different, and exciting.

3. Boredom

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to fall into routines because you get comfortable. Some guys start to find the routines of a relationship monotonous and dull.

For guys who are stuck in a tedious relationship, having an affair adds some excitement back into their lives. Although cheating is obviously wrong, it certainly isn’t dull.

There’s the thrill of chasing the other woman, the fear of getting caught, and the excitement of having forbidden sex.

Instead of finding ways to bring life back to their relationships, they find it more exciting to look elsewhere.

4. Lack Of Sex

Some men cheat when they aren’t sexually fulfilled in the relationship. Whether their partners have a low sex drive or just aren’t interested anymore, they aren’t getting enough sex at home.

Sex isn’t necessarily the most important thing in a relationship, but it is important nonetheless. If a guy is happy in the relationship but just isn’t getting enough sex, he might consider cheating as a good option.

5. Lack Of Emotional Connection

A lack of emotional connection is more often to blame for cheating than sexual dissatisfaction. Although men have difficult expressing it, they are looking for an emotional connection too.

When a man feels disconnected from his partner, he might cheat if he feels a closer connection to another woman.

Maintaining an emotional connection is one of the best ways to prevent a partner from cheating. One way to do this is to show your appreciation. Men aren’t always comfortable asking for a pat on the back, but they want to feel appreciated.

6. Validation

Sometimes a man cheats because it boosts his ego. He might feel unattractive and wants to know he’s still got it.

For most men, some innocent flirting with an attractive woman is enough validation. However, for an insecure guy with low self-esteem, he might go further and end up cheating to get the validation he needs.

7. Unhappy Relationship

If a guy is unhappy in a relationship, he might end up cheating instead of just breaking things off. Maybe he has fallen out of love or is just sick of arguing all the time.

Whatever the reason, sometimes men become unhappy in the relationship but just don’t know how to get out. Maybe he’s sticking around for the kids or he feels like he has to stay for financial reasons.

If he feels stuck in the relationship and isn’t happy, he might go looking for a woman who makes him feel happier.

8. She Let Herself Go

Many people tend to get too comfortable in long-term relationships and they let themselves go. They are no longer concerned with being attractive to their partners.

Women might gain a ton of weight or start dressing like slob. When a woman stops caring about being attractive to her partner, he might start to feel like she’s no longer the woman she was when he met her.

If he’s comfortable in the relationship but just isn’t attracted to her anymore, he might start chasing other women he’s more attracted to.

9. Revenge

If a guy suspects or finds out that a woman cheated on him, he might cheat on her to even the score.

Yes, it’s extremely immature, but in the heat of the moment, it might seem like a good way for him to feel better.

Of course, cheating to get back at someone is only going to make things worse. However, the relationship clearly had problems already for her to cheat in the first place.

10. He Knew He Could Get Away With It

If a guy has cheated in the past and was forgiven, he might end up doing it again because he knows he’ll get away with it.

As the saying goes, once a cheater always a cheater. Of course this isn’t always true, but some guys just won’t change their cheating ways when they know their wives or girlfriends won’t leave them.

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  1. Carlton Pulliam says

    This article makes it sound easy for any man to just go out and find someone to cheat with. This is not always the case, not at least for this balding 5′ 11″ 200 lb semi-fit but socially awkward and not good looking, smooth talking or rich guy. I check off more than half of the reasons to cheat given above, but haven’t cheated in the 12 years I’ve been stuck in my marriage to someone that doesn’t love me because there simply are no takers! Oh to be one of these guys you mention that can just go out and find a woman they are attracted to and who is attracted back!

  2. ShirleenTaylor says

    Sometimes You Have To Step Out On Faith And See What The End Going To Be Break Off And Leave Him Cause It’s Not Going To Stop I Have Been On Both Husband And When Was In The Dating World Life Just To Short 4 The BS really Who Need That In Their Let IT Go

  3. only that men are not satisfied with what they have

  4. My boyfriend materbated6 all the time even when we are on BED when I confront him he won’t admit it I usually go to another room what should I do

  5. It is Most of the women nowadays that are very Unfaithful unfortunately.

  6. This is awesome information! If I had this knowledge years ago I wouldn’t have stayed in bad relationships and I would have worked harder on the “one that got away”. <3

  7. A good list. One thing to add – you could swap ‘men’ and ‘women’ in every item and it would be true as well. One thing to detract – take out that nonsense about evolution not still being valid. It is most certainly still valid and the driving force behind much of human endeavors.

  8. It’s just that women are SO GORGEOUS!

  9. anonymous is right sometimes men cheat for no valid reason it’s in their nature to try out every woman available but if you remain sincere and show patience, he’ll come back to you.

  10. I agree with all of the above, even if a woman looks like a super model and provides porn star sex every day, men will cheat because it’s their nature. The only ones who would not cheat are the ones who are paralyzed from the neck down. This is why I have chosen to stay single for the rest of my life.

    • Adrienne Mansfield says

      This is a list that explains some of the reasons behind why men cheat. It does not imply that all men cheat. There are tons of men out there who are capable of being in committed, monogamous relationships! It sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences in your past and it’s understandable to feel the way you feel. Just don’t let your past keep you from finding a great man and having the relationship you deserve!

    • True, I agree with that, I believe that some men are actually naturally polygamous, and they should seek a woman that does not mind this, or is also polygamous too. The monogamous ones should find their type.

    • gina joucken says

      Dont blame you..

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