Is He Cheating? – 7 Warning Signs to Look For

Your gut might tell you he's cheating, but is it just insecurity messing with your head? If you think your man might be cheating, your gut isn't always the most reliable indicator. Often, a bad gut feeling is really just insecurity chipping away at us. So how do you know if it's just insecurity or if you're actually onto something? Here are 7 warning signs to look for … [Read more...]

Why Do Men Cheat? – The Top 10 Reasons

If you've ever been cheated on, the first thought that probably came to your mind was WHY? Why did he do this to me? Many are quick to blame biology. You've probably heard this excuse a million times before. Men are biologically programmed to spread their seeds to keep the population growing. The problem is that it's been thousands of years since the survival of the human … [Read more...]

8 Signs He Is Having An Emotional Affair

An affair can be either physical or emotional since it is any relationship with someone outside the relationship that has an impact on the intimacy and overall dynamic of the relationship. An emotional affair is an affair that often begins with an innocent friendship, and although lacks physical intimacy, includes an emotional intimacy that can be just as damaging. The … [Read more...]