Quiz: Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me QuizYou like a guy and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you too.

He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly?

Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends?

Stop agonizing over it and take this quiz to find out if the guy you’ve got your eye on feels the same way.


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  1. Okay, so the school year had started and there was this boy in my biology class who just wouldn’t stop yelling out random things and was really an annoying class clown, you know? (That was my first impression of him) 2 weeks had passed and him and i are now best friends (since he told me that i should consider him as one of my best friends) okay biology class starts and we have new seats and my teacher assigned me and him to sit next to each other…(okay here comes more details) Once we sit next to each other he talks to the other people across from us (mind you he is the only boy at the table) and all of sudden he just is challenging all of us girls to see if when we make eye contact with him he won’t smile or laugh ( since he claims that no one has made him smile or laugh when making eye contact) so he stares at the other girl across from him for at least 30 sec with an expressionless face and goes to look at the girl that was sitting across from and does the same and when it was my turn, we looked into each other’s eyes for such a long time that it felt like time had slowed down and his face still showed no emotion and for a moment he looks away and when he looks back to stare into my eyes he was normal for the first 32 sec but then he starts to lose it and starts to smile and then i start to smile and we both end up laughing. And I looked at the girls that were sitting across from me and they gave me that look of “damn what just happened” During biology, he and I kept on playing footsies, and whenever we talked about something personal like about finally meeting someone who wants us or when we finally become rich ( meaning “we” i mean just me since i told him i didn’t want to crease his jordans or ruin them when playing footsies and he told that he didn’t care since they were just 200 hundred dollars and he could just buy another one and i told him that i was broke and he told not to worry since he thinks someday ill be )…he just keeps on rubbing my shoulder like so many times and whenever we see each other in the halls and even when he hangs out with a girl, he always dabs me up and oh earlier when I was leaving to go on my other bus, he calls out my name from the window and was holding his hand out for me to give him out handshake and when his friend wanted to give me a handshake so i looked at his friend disgusted and gave him a fist bump too and wiped my hand on my jeans and with my boy best friend he told me not to wipe my hands on my jeans when i dab him up and so we dabbed each other up 2 times and fisted bump 2 times and yeah it was really weird when he had said that to me, did henot think after saying that or was he speaking his mind? i don’t know to be honest. cause many of my friends tell me that he likes me but I’m not sure if he’s doing that because he’s nice since many girls also think that hes nice.

  2. its says hes into me but it doesnt feel like it.. hes always with this girl and he pays more attention to her and more stuff with her what do i do??

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