Men Prefer Women With This Hairstyle

If you think men aren’t paying attention to your hair or are too oblivious to notice, you would be wrong.

In reality, men have some pretty strong opinions on women’s hairstyles. Whether it’s long or short, straight or curly, you can be sure he’s got a preference.

Although every guy is different, it seems that men overwhelmingly prefer long, straight hair on a woman. Maybe it’s because he can run his fingers through it more easily.

If you want to hear what your average man on the street thinks about a woman’s hair, check out this video:

Hmm, I think my favorite part of the video is the guy who says, “If you want him to put a ring on it, don’t get short hair.” Alright random guy on the street, thanks for that wise advice!

I think the guys who say it depends on the woman are probably more realistic. After all, there are some gorgeous women out there, like Halle Berry or Charlize Theron, who can pull off short haircuts like nobody’s business.

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  1. Guys definitely like long hair. My straight friends in high school would constantly play with my hair.

  2. I don’t agree I think guys like curly hair. My crush notices me more when my hair is curled.

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