5 Ways To Get Guys To Approach You

How To Get Guys To Approach YouIf you find that guys never approach you, you are probably doing something that makes you “unapproachable.” Certain things will stop men right in their tracks and keep them from making a move.

Men are motivated to protect their egos, which means they will go for the “safe” looking woman rather than talking to somebody they believe will embarrass or reject them. Nobody likes rejection, and men are no exception.

If you want more men to approach you, you need to learn how they perceive certain situations and position yourself in the most approachable manner. Basically, you need to make yourself an easy target by putting a giant bullseye on your forehead. Here’s 5 ways to do just that:

1) Go to a public place by yourself: This is very important when it comes to making yourself more approachable. Guys are not likely to approach a group of women because it is intimidating, and he knows he has to impress all of you. Plus, he knows the minute he walks away you are all going to start evaluating him.

If you do go out in a group, the ideal number is to have 3 women, because at least the other 2 women you are with can talk to each other if a guy approaches, making for a much less awkward situation.

Absolutely do not go out with a male friend if you want other men to approach you. Other guys will assume you are together and they won’t even make an attempt to find out if you are available.

2) Don’t be too hot: This might seem counter-intuitive, but it is actually true. If you look too hot, men will assume they have no chance and will be far too intimidated to come up to you. If you get too dolled up, you might actually be repelling men even though the whole point is to attract them. Dressing down and looking more casual will make you look more approachable, and less intimidating.

3) Don’t be too busy: If you look too busy reading a book or working on your laptop, guys will probably assume you don’t want to be bothered. Look around every now and then and smile, just to show that you might want a break from whatever you are doing.

4) Stay in one place: Don’t be a moving target because you will be too hard to catch. Plant yourself in one location long enough to be spotted and also long enough for a guy to work up the courage to talk to you.

If you do move, don’t go too far and don’t walk too fast, because he might be waiting for you to get up so he can make his move. If you walk too fast, you might not give him the opening he’s looking for.

5) Be happy: Giving off positive vibes will make you far more approachable. Put on a happy face, enjoy whatever it is you are doing, and make eye contact with people. If a guy sees you having a good time, he’s going to be curious about what it is that is making you so happy.

It’s not always easy to look happy out in public by yourself, but if you can achieve this, it will set you apart in a major way. If you look too serious, anxious, angry, or busy, guys will think you are trying to avoid social encounters. If you look happy on the other hand, you are much more likely to get his attention.

Do you have anything to add to this list?  Please leave a comment to share your experiences and tips on how to get guys to approach you.

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