Quiz: Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me QuizYou like a guy and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you too.

He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly?

Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends?

Stop agonizing over it and take this quiz to find out if the guy you’ve got your eye on feels the same way.


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  1. Ok so my crush is my ex and he’s the one who broke it off. But he’s always around me, he follows me around and he’s always watching me. We skyped and he took screenshots, and everyone I know thinks he likes me. I don’t know what to think. He’s told me he doesn’t but I don’t know what to believe.

  2. I’m in year 8 and there’s this boy I have a crush on in the year above me, we used to go out 3 years ago, but we broke up. I still have feelings for him 3 years later, but I’ve noticed him looking at me and at our swimming carnival, he just kept watching me, he talks to me sometimes, but I get shy around him. My friend asked him if he likes me and he said I was weirdish in a good way, and I was a little random. I don’t know what to do because I don’t know if he likes me. He’s “accidentally ” touched me before, and when I was sick, I had my head on my knees and he asked me was ok and if I was crying, but I REALLY need help with this so bad, plz someone help!!!

  3. Hi! I’m a junior and i like this sophmore boy. We have two classes together and in math, we sit right next to each other. He’s that type of guy who is SUPER DUPER nice and sometimes after a little teasing (i don’t know whether or not to call it flirting) he’ll put out his hand for a hand shake or a high five. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen.
    One day while i was waiting outside the door for another class, the teacher came to let us in. as i walked in, i saw him staring at me. (not sure if he was looking at me or something else)
    I have his number and stuff but we never text.
    We do talk in math class and “tease”
    Does he like me?

  4. Hi, there’s this guy i like and we’re always looking at each other but yet we never speak. Last time i sat next to him in the car, we were really close to each other but we never spoke. I wanno try and get closer to him and to speak to him but there’s never any time too. He seems really kind and caring and i really wanno speak to him but i dunno how! Please help me!!

  5. Hi sooo, I have this crush on a guy who is 3 years older than me and he gas a girlfriend… Is this really wrong? He goes to my church but Hus girlfriend doesn’t. Whenever he is with his girlfriend and im around he stays with her but keeps a small space between them. And when she is not around he looks at me and jokes around with me, sometimes following me, not in a creepy way but like he’s trying to look casual and disinterested.

  6. Breanna Jade says

    So I have this guy is my chemistry class his name is Jeremiah he’s 17 and I’m almost 16 in a month and in the past month I’ve dev a really strong crush on him to the point where I see him with another girl it makes me want to cry and I get really jealous it’s so different than any other crush I’ve ever had on a guy it seem like an obsession. When ever he’s in a room with me I find myself looking around for him and I get anxious when I know I’m going to see him in my next class but I know we’ll never be together and all of my friends say that I’m in love with him because I can’t go a single day without mentioning hi or thinking about him he’s like a serious addiction that I can’t kick. We’re so different I’m the geek and loner he’s the popular party bit and I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t like him but I do and sometimes I swear he catches me staring at him and stares back but I’m not the girl he usually dates and I’m not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen and this quiz hopefully will help me move on from him.

  7. _Anonymous says

    There’s this guy who sits next to me in class, and he’s giving really mixed signals. He’s quiet, but he seems to mirror my actions sometimes and it looks pretty funny. Apart from the accidental brushes occasionally, he compliments me pretty often and does really nice things for me. Apparently he also seems to take my advice and clears his desk which he has never done before. He tells me some personal stuff as well…and lets me play with his phone. Then again he’s probably just being a nice guy? He doesn’t seem to indicate that he likes me, not blatantly at least, so I’m confused. Did I mention he stares right through my soul? His gaze is always so intense…haha can anyone help me decipher this? I’m confused..Thank you!

  8. Annetterose says

    I like this guy named Scott. He is in half of my classes and sometimes sits next to me. We are good friends. I have heard that he likes this other girl but he is always staring at me. His friends are nice around me and start teasing him. I really need some help with this. Does he like me? Any advice?

  9. I really like him and he looks at me a lot and when I look at him he looks away. I asked my friend to tell him I liked him and she did and it’s been almost a month and he didn’t do anything, so yesterday I told him that I liked him a lot and he said he knew. I asked him if he liked me back but he said he liked me but only as a friend. Do you think he actually likes me and he’s trying to not show it or do you think he doesn’t like me.

  10. I’m in sixth grade and I have a crush on this guy who sits next to me in lessons and we have a lot in common. I think he likes me but I’m not sure. He is always making eye contact and telling jokes. What do I do? (I like him-love him)

    • I’m in 5th grade and I have a HUGE crush on a boy that I’ve been friends with for 3 years now and I’m pretty sure he likes me as much as I like him and like it says in the article, he does just about all of those things. Like if I am talking to him, he will scoot closer to me and sorta get into my bubble and then when I’m around his guy friends, they all give him grins and punch him in the arm n stuff. And, then when we go to lunch or something, he will do almost ANYTHING to sit by me or to walk by me in the hall or to be VERY near me at recces . I am almost positive that he like me but there’s a MAJOR problem, he has a girlfriend who is one of my good friends but he talks about WHEN he breaks up with her rather than IF and if/when he ever does break up with her,(which the way he’s been acting towards me lately) it seems that I will end up going out with him but I DONT want all of my friends and her (his current girlfriend) to be mad at me even thought it’s not my fault and I bet that’s gonna happen. Where should I take this? And I forgot to mention, when he is looking at me, and I notice him doing so, he smiles, blushes then looks away but I’ve noticed that he never looks at his girlfriend like that it any other girl for that matter. Where will this end up? How far should I/ we take it based on the circumstances?

    • 2 girls pretend not to like me. one is named sklar, the other kennedy. Sky is always staring at me, and when I talk to her see calles me IDOT STUPID DUMB DISORGANIZED. I like Kennedy back, but she hardly talks to me since im not in her class

    • Test it out. Say something like, “I am having such a bad hair day.” And see his reaction. Or look at him in the eyes for a few seconds then look away for a second then look back, if he looks at you that is a good sign!

    • Same here

    • Ok so im in 6th grade and there is this popular boy that is in my class all the girls like him …. whenever im around hime he seams to act odd and stupid then when im not around he acts normal he acts only like he is nervous around me ……then when i look at the corner of my eye i can see him staring @ me then when i look over in his direction he looks away …… he is sooo cute tho please tell me if he likes me !!!!!!

    • I’m in sixth grade too and I have a crush. Try talking to your crush!

  11. Okay I have a crush and I don’t know if he likes me cause he bites his lip and stares at me in weird ways what am I gonna do I need help please answer my question?

    • LOL okay sooo hes sooo feeling you girl , he seems very hormonal but most boys are anyways, if hes staring at you and biting his lip omg hes soo into you. Biting the lips and gazing while you’re not looking are total signs of attraction gurl! GO FOR IT!!

    • I have a crush too

  12. I like this boy and he is in my lunch period and since we have free seating he never sits with me even though we are friends but the table I sit at is across from his. I always sit in the same spot at my table and it have started to notice that he sits at a spot at his table where I can see him and he can see me. When ever I’m talking to my friends I look over at him out the corner of my eye and is looking at me while he eats is that a sign please help!!!!!

    • He most definetly likes you and obviously wants to see you more maybe he just a little shy so why don’t you make the move and sit over there or just wait till he comes around but he likes you girly!!

  13. So I like these to guys. The first one Jack is a grade a head of me but he is my neighbor and one time I even told him that I liked him and he said that if he told me the answer it would be embarrassing but if told me a different answer he would be lying. The other guy Ben that I have a crush on is in my science class and he is always answering questions which he didn’t do last year in one of our classes. We have the same gym block even though we aren’t in the same class and I always find him staring at me and when he notices that I that noticed he pretends like he was looking at something else. Also at the end of the school year last year he asked for my phone number. I have Jacks phone number too. I don’t know what to do please help!!!

    • Make a list of pros and cons / good and bad list for them and see which one suits you best you cant have to guys girl, it’ll just backfire in your face and explode. Which ever one is more comfortable around you and the same for you and their list meets your standards pick ONE and thats who it is and if its both then, go with your gut

  14. I’ve read all of the signs to tell if a guy is interested in me. and i found out my crush is toootally into me. so…months ago he was depressed because of a girl he likes. so, i talked to him and just told him what i feel. and i asked if he likes me. he said he hasn’t thought about it. some days later, i heard him saying he wasn’t depressed anymore, and everything was good with the girl he likes but they don’t have any relationship. but then he said he has never had a girlfriend, and doesn’t want to have one.
    I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I REALLY LIKE HIM SOOOO MUCH. and i’m sure he likes me.

    • Look It’s the 21st century, this guy obviously has feelings for someone and although it may not be you it doesn’t hurt to ask him out, just because you’re not the guy doesn’t mean you can’t make the first move, go for it and ask him out!!

    • Rebecca says

      Test him. Ask him to come with you somewhere on a weekend for fun. If he replies ”sure, why not”, see how he acts around you. Does he invade your personal space? Does he maintain his eye-contact with you? Crack a really funny joke and then one not so very funny. Does he laugh the same? Have fun, be enthusiastic! Who knows, he might even confess his love for you if he really does.

    • Go for it, chica! I mean, if you want a relationship, tell him.

  15. Ok my best guy friend, he is super sweet, listens to me, and we share same interests. We talk a lot and of course laugh a lot. I don’t really like him like, like like him but I think he might like me. I need help on this one. HELP!

    • if he ever confronts you about it then let him down easily and just say its best if we stay friends You know..

  16. My best friend told me this guy I like, likes me! (OMG) But I don’t know how to talk to him, we talk about small talk, weather, school etc. But he’s superhot (in my mind, he’s like a geek) and IDK what to do… HELP!

  17. Hi! I am so confused right now of what to do. Me and this guy both like each other but he doesn’t know I like him. Should I tell him? He’s really shy too…that makes it harder. He’s really sweet, and listens to me. I talk about him with one of his friends too, so this guy might already know I like him…

  18. Hey, I would imagine that nobody is going to answer me but I might as well try right?
    So I like this boy called Aaron who is in my gym class, he always glances over at me and shows off near me. Also, he used to be in my other classes where he stared non stop at me, sat close to me, helped me whenever I was stuck when my friends didn’t, and mirrored whatever I did (especially in information technology). Whenever he sat next to me, his chair would be practically pushed right up to mine and when we pass in the halls he smiles at me and sometimes the occasion “Hey”. I would ask my friends for help, but they’re not really of that sort since they’re tomboys, please help?

    • HI! It sounds like this guy could really like you. Does he seem to be protective if you at all? The guy i like wont let anyone but himself open my locker for me. I have the same friend situation as you do, so there isn’t anyone I can go to with my boy frustrations either. There is this one guy I think I really like but he is really popular, and I am just not. I feel like there is no way he could ever like me but he is super sweet and cute. He always opens my locker for me, plays with my hair clip, he has even worn my scarf and he invited me to his track meets. I know it probably sounds like he does like me but he is really nice to everyone and I’m just not sure if he really likes me. Despite what others say sometimes it just feels like no guy will ever like me like that.

    • OH he likes you girl go for it! He wants to be around you alot so embrace it, this is your CRUSH liking you DO IT! GOODLUCK
      p.s. of course someone was going to answer DUH!! LOL

  19. I’m in fifth grade and both my best friend and I like/love the same boy. Thing is he shows affection for both of us. He is kind of showing more for me because whenever he is around me and his friends are there they start teasing him. He acts different around me and he stares at me a lot. We both have A LOT in common. So what should I do? Make a move? Please help me.

    • One you dont love him at all girly… two he does like you but i think you should wait till high school but go for it if you truly want to my BUD

    • Convince your friend how awful he is. Or just go for it, yes you will fight with your best friend but that’s the worst that could happen. Your friend will always forgive you if she’s a true friend to you.

  20. so I like this guy but he is a grade under me o we don’t really talk. we went to a marching band competition and cuddled under blankets when we were cold and on the bus ride home he put his arm around me and I slept on him. he held me close and put his head against mine and I totally thought he liked me and that we were a “thing” now. but the next couple of days he hasn’t made a move. but now I hear that he has a girlfriend…what should I do? I feel so played but I still like him and want to be with him.

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