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Quiz: Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me QuizYou like a guy and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you too.

He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly?

Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends?

Stop agonizing over it and take this quiz to find out if the guy you’ve got your eye on feels the same way.


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  1. There’s this boy name David , I like him a lot but its really hard to tell him. He likes this other girl but he doesn’t shows the same body language like he does with me . We have every class together and we always talk to each other alot , we touch our feet together and etc. There’s this time I went on a trip and I was the only one in the class that went . When I came back and I was walking up the stairs he saw me and screamed saying ur back and gave me a big hug

  2. So, there’s this guy I’ve known since 5th grade (I’m 17 now), and we’ve always been just friends. But lately, things have been…different. He’s been giving me much more attention and showing me a different side og himself, like he’s more gentle and caring. I can’t tell whether our relationship has just grown or if he actully likes me differently now. For example, we were at a bonfire (it was cold, like scarf and mittens cold) and he sat down next to me so that we were touching, and he began to show me videos online that he’s always referencing to but I never get. Then all of a sudden he put his arm around me, saying we had to cuddle to keep warm. He’s always been such a gentleman- I can’t tell whether he was just being friendly or if he actually likes me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a crush and I think he likes me. We are pretty good friends, a little less than best friends, but it doesn’t really matter. He is always holding the door for me, like he says (ladies first) and gestures his hand for me to enter. We talk almost whenever we get the chance and when we dont, at lunch break when my girlfriends invite me to sit with them(sometimes) i look over to see what is he doing and he is always staring at me! he quickly looks away, but I’m usually to fast for him. This one time I asked him about it, like(my friends saw you staring at me at _____ time and I wanted to ask u bout it,) his cheeks turn pink and he tried to think up and answer I could tell. At first he was lik e (oh um I was just looking for my guy friends around the room and like… Um my gaze passed you?) help me can you tell if he like me? Just want to make sure before I make a move

  4. OK so there’s this guy we are both freshman yay! And I barely met him this year like 3months ago and I really like him I’m for sure now and two of my friends know I like him and they tell me to tell him cause it looks like he likes me too he teases me alot ,plays with my hair,blocks me in the hallway so I could talk to him, when we are with a group of friends he always is looking at my eyes and when he sees that I’m looking at him he smiles, he walks me to class,he offers to carry my backpack, and in third period he always talks to me and everyday getting closer and closer to me and yesterday he got so close to me but I panicked and moved away please someone help me does it look like he likes me I need more people to tell me their opinions ☺

  5. I have a crush but i don’t know if he had a crush on me too ..
    He is shy and unpredictable .. how do i show my affection to him? should i get a move first to know my feelings ? or should i give up and forget him..
    HELP ME PLEASE i have 6 days to go before our graduation

    • I believe that you should definitely try to gauge how he is first because as you’ve said he is shy meaning he might shy away from you or feel intimidated. So try to become friends with him and of he doesn’t seem to be getting into it then… It means he doesn’t like you, but you could still try to be friends and maybe you can escape the friend zone.

    • Ayanna Vassol says:

      Maybe u should take that test because it helped me.

    • Tell him before it’s too late or even write it in his year book on the last day. If he likes you to and you don’t tell him it’s all over

    • nasriin needs advice says:

      There’s this guy he is nicer to me than other people I don’t like him but I like the same guy as my bff and she doesn’t know but he asked out a girl I know she said no coz my bff told her she likes him . What do I do know???

    • Well I might be too late but if he’s unpredictable and shy, try to get your friends or his friends to ask him what he thinks of you. He might not tell the truth if he likes you so really turn on that flirty mode!

    • Oh my, I have a guy at home just like this. He goes to my school, he’s my crush. He likes me but we aren’t together because I haven’t told him how I feel. I prob. won’t ever make a move but you should. If he laughs at you. Slap him, what have you got to loose?

    • Idontgettired says:

      I like one of my best guy friends and i always tell him about guys Bc he kinda gets jealous and its cute and when I’m talking to another guy he looks at me or either comes up to us and he always flirts with allt of girls and text them but when he flirts with me he usually hugs me and touches my butt and stuff but he says really sexy things to me and other girls I dont know if he likes me Bc he doesn’t always do that with the other girls but we don’t text allt Bc he doesn’t like texting Fr and its dry convo but we talk all the time out side of school/ in school and once he texted me at school and asked what class I was in but I didn’t have wifi so when I got home I got it but Yeh he’s white and in black (team light skin) and everybody says he likes me but I dont Know to tell him I like him or not . He’s friends with my brother and they always play basketball together and stuff but I don’t think he would date me but Yeh he told my brother to text me before but I just don’t know Plz help

  6. Hey people so i have these two boys one likes me but i like the other one and the one that i lie i have none him for four yrears while the others guys has just started with my school buti really like him to!!!!!!! Help please?!!?!!??

    • I had the same problem weeks ago and two guys at my school but one thing I read the other day made me think “I you love two people at the same time choose the second one cause if you have really loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second” just think about it hope this helped

  7. There’s a guy in my school that I really like, but he’s one grade ahead of me and we barely talk because of that, and I’m too shy to start a conversation… Our parents are friends though so we do hang out. Whenever the subject pops up he always makes a point of talking about how he doesn’t have a crush on the other girls that have a crush on him. He always makes direct eye contact when we speak. There was this one time that I leaned on him on a car ride and he didn’t push me away, also we were sitting next to each other by my computer and I put my foot on his foot and he didn’t move away then, either… I think he likes me 🙂

  8. So there’s this boy that I’m kind of interested in but I don’t know if he feels the same. He’s always around and is always asking my brother little things about me. And whenever I disappear from his sight he always ends up where I am. If he sees that I’m texting a guy he’ll try to see what I’m writing. And I constantly catch him looking at me. When I feel like he’s looking at me I’ll turn to him and we make eye contact. And he’ll hold my eyes for awhile but then I have to look away because my face gets hot. And then he just smiles and looks away. I don’t know if I should ask him about it. The thing is though we don’t really talk that much and I don’t wanna make a fool of myself.

  9. So there’s this guy I like that I met through a community musical. He is 20 and I am 16. Everyone I know says I am exceptionally mature for my age, and my mom is okay with it. He always had me slick down his hair for his role and would ask me deep questions about life, what college I plan on going to, what I want to do with my life, etc.

    One day he randomly brought up dating ages, and said “For example, I am 20 so I think dating between myself and a 17-year-old is acceptable.” In one instance when we were talking I apologized for rambling and he told me he wouldn’t ask me questions unless he expressly wanted to talk to me. Another time I said I liked his scarf and he said “my best friend made it back when we were dating…” He is kind and sweet and we are Facebook friends, but he hasn’t talked to me much since the play ended three days ago. Am I just dreaming or does he like me?

  10. Cailee Christensen says:

    So I like this guy named Kennedy. He is super attractive, has a great personality, is a HUGE gentle man, always flirts with me (well at least I think he’s flirting), and we have so much in common. One problem, I haven’t known him that long and he is also one of this guy’s best friends that likes me, but I don’t like him. I’m not sure what to call what I feel for him.. Like am I feeling LOVE or just a small crush?? Please help me I’m so confused!?

  11. My crush and I were both freshmen now. We’ve known each other since about the 6th grade. He asked me for my number in 8th grade when we started to talk more because of having multiple classes together. I assumed it was just a friendly reaction even though inside I was really happy.

    At my old school. we had something called 8th grade dance, I asked him to spend time with me at the dance and that’s exactly what he said he’d do. Spend time with me at the dance. But something came up and he couldn’t come. At first, I didn’t know that and I spent most of my first dance ever in tears… He knows some of my darkest secrets, and I can tell him just about anything because I know he’ll either have a similar expierence or just plainly understand my side of the story. That’s why I go to him. He means a lot to me.

    When I thought he was moving this past summer, I was devastated. I cried every night. Hilariously, in class, we always sang Taylor Swift’s trouble together. Every time I heard that song, I’d break down in tears. Every time I’d hear a song that reminded me of him, I’d cry.

    Turns out, school starts for 9th grade, and he didn’t move! I was excited and happy at first, but then he acted like I didn’t even exist! Were in two classes together, he talks to me and hits me and teases me, but it’s not like it used to be. It used to be nicer and easy to talk to him. In text, it’s still the same, I can blurt out all my girl problems and he listens, but in person, it’s like we are completely two different people.

    I’d really appreciate some advice on how to react in this situation. I don’t know whether to tell him I like him or to just stay quiet about it. He’s really a vague person. In class when he’s just sitting there doing nothing, he’s like a sponge that refuses to absorb water. He talks a lot and has a vibrate personality, he just shows no emotion. That’s why when he gave me his number I couldn’t tell if it was because of mental attraction or just a friendly gesture. This is why I hate boys! They are so difficult!

    • I know boys can be very difficult. But they also can be kind and nice for about around 3 months in school and then the very next 4 or 5 weeks they can just be plain mean. I figured this out when I started to watch my secret crush who sits right next to me in my forth block class. And then he just started to change right after he saw other kids start to be mean…

  12. tigerl you says:

    I have a crush… I notice every little touch of our skin. I feel nervous and cooler than ice. Haha, yeah I’m not kidding. I need advice.

    I think my brain is always denying it, but my heart is always shouting his name.

    I don’t know what to do.

    • Well I think that you should try to find out if he likes you. Sometimes they may be mean and sweet at the same time but then you start to get what he is saying. Just let the other guy know you clearly don’t like him and try to get to know the guy you are interested in. Ask him some questions when it is just the two of you. Good luck!!!! Hoped that helped!!!!

    • I have the same problem. His name is zach and i really like him but its like he is always on my mind. But he is really mean ever sence someone told him i like him. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  13. I’m a tomboy (with a lot of guy friends) who likes a guy who is also 12 and hes a very sporty person… I told him loads that I like him but he just gets embarrassed and stops talking to me. He is also my great friend. I really really like him but he just doesn’t tell me back that he likes me… I wonder why. He gets really shy when people talk about this kind of stuff… Oh and today in math, I was chatting with my friend and she says that she noticed that he was looking at me constantly. He also tries to get me alone and forces me to tell him who I like. What should I do? Please give me some advice.

  14. There’s this guy I’ve just started liking and he hangs out with all his mates and we just go and hang with them. He is one of the few that pays attention to us being there. He sometimes hugs me and acts slightly weird when he’s around me and always wants to high-5 me.

    Don’t know if he likes me? HELP!!!

  15. Okay so this guy likes me according to my friends, the Internet, and all of these quizzes I’ve taken. Hes my best friend and crush, but he has a girlfriend that he hasn’t seen in a couple of years! What do I do? I really like him and I think he likes me but what do I do? He will sit there and show me pictures of his gf then looks at my reaction but what if… I’m confused more than ever now so….

    • I think you should tell him how you feel. After all, he is your friend and if you think he loves you back I don’t see it as a big deal. He will just tell you his feelings and everything will be super. Please tell him how you feel.

  16. boy help says:

    I like this boy and sometimes I catch him staring and we lock eyes but I don’t know if he likes me. Plus he’s really easy to talk to and I can tell he’s really listening, but I need advice!

  17. I’m in primary school and my best friend thinks this boy likes her. He has suddenly started to act different around her. I’ve caught him staring at her loads of times and so has she. He touched her leg before and he is quiet around her. Does he like her??

  18. CATlover says:

    I fell in love with my best friend, whom I met last year. He likes another girl but I don’t know if he still likes her… Every day during recess we see each other and talk a lot, he’s also in the same club as me. He likes playing with me like touching my neck to tickle me or pushing up my chin for fun, and we have A LOT in common.

    Do you think he likes me? I don’t really wanna get my hopes up but I wanna see what some people think 🙂

  19. brittany says:

    I like this hot boy and I can’t tell him that I like him. What do I do?

  20. Great quiz. I cant believe how many of these quizzes there are for this question. Good fun x

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