How To Attract Men: The Number One Thing You Must Have

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The Number One Reason He Doesn’t Compliment You Anymore

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why doesn’t he compliment me anymore?” Ask yourself one question before you start throwing the blame at your man.  Do you suck at taking a compliment? I’ve got to admit that I’m guilty of this myself. I’ve always been really bad at accepting praise of any kind. If you […]

What A Man Says And What He Really Means

Although your man is speaking English, sometimes it seems like he is speaking a foreign language. One that sounds a lot like English but has subtle nuances that leave you scratching your head. Let’s call this secret guy language “manspeak.” Men don’t always say what they mean and sometimes they say what they mean, but […]

Why Do Men Lie? – The Top 5 Reasons

Are you sick of your man telling lies all the time? He lies about “working late” when he really went out with the guys for a beer. He lies about what he really wants and how he really feels. He lies so easily about trivial things that you start to wonder if he lies about […]

How To Get Him To Connect Emotionally

Emotional attraction is far more powerful than physical attraction when it comes to a lasting relationship. It’s what makes a man fall in love and feel like you’re the only one for him. Knowing how to get him to connect emotionally may be the difference between a casual fling and a committed relationship. Most women crave an […]

10 Signs He’s A Keeper

Dating can often feel like a never-ending process of sorting through dodgy men. Yet, once in a while, someone worthwhile may come along and surprise you. But then you might find yourself asking, “Is this guy for real?” Sadly, sometimes it isn’t real at all. He might just be trying to impress you during the newness […]

Is He Interested In A Relationship?

Have you just start dating a guy and find yourself asking, is he interested in a relationship? Chances are it hasn’t even crossed his mind yet… We all know the topic of relationships doesn’t usually inspire the same excitement in men as it does for women. What’s worse is that we live in a romantically […]

What Men Really Think About Marriage

Sometimes it seems like all guys are afraid to commit and dread any mention of the word marriage. But it turns out this actually isn’t true, at least according to’s 2013 Great Male Survey. Out of 20,000 men surveyed, 72% responded that they believe in the institution of marriage and plan to get married […]

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Making a long distance relationship (LDR) work is not easy, but then again no relationships are easy. Did you know that there is no difference between a LDR and any other relationship when it comes to the rate of success or failure? It turns out that distance is not really the most important factor in […]

5 Ways To Get Guys To Approach You

If you find that guys never approach you, you are probably doing something that makes you “unapproachable.” Certain things will stop men right in their tracks and keep them from making a move. Men are motivated to protect their egos, which means they will go for the “safe” looking woman rather than talking to somebody […]

Should I Text Him?

Communicating by text is the norm nowadays, especially when it comes to dating. It’s a lot easier to send out at text to someone you’re interested in rather than putting yourself on the line by *gasp* actually calling. There’s a lot less to be nervous about when you’re not actually making a phone call and […]

Text Flirting Dos And Don’ts

In the world of modern dating, texting is a powerful tool that can help you build up attraction between you and the man you are crushing on. But there is a right and wrong way to go about it! Text flirting can be tricky business if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can be […]

The Number One Thing Men Judge In A Potential Date

When you think of what attracts men to women, you usually think boobs, butt, legs, hair, etc. But you’ll never guess the number one thing men judge their potential dates on… her teeth! According to a survey of around 5,500 singles, the number one characteristic both men and women judge potential dates on is […]

7 Ways To Spot A Pickup Artist

You’re out for a night with the girls and you get approached by a charismatic guy who’s wearing a silly hat and chatting up your friends. You wonder why he’s completely ignoring you. Chances are, this guy is a pickup artist. Would it surprise you to learn there are actually websites, online forums, books, and […]

24 Signs A Guy Likes You: Decoding His Body Language

So you want to know if a guy  likes you? Some guys can be hard to read if they don’t just come right out and tell you they like you. The good news is that a guy’s body language can be a big giveaway when it comes to figuring out if he likes you. There […]

Men Prefer Women With This Hairstyle

If you think men aren’t paying attention to your hair or are too oblivious to notice, you would be wrong. In reality, men have some pretty strong opinions on women’s hairstyles. Whether it’s long or short, straight or curly, you can be sure he’s got a preference. Although every guy is different, it seems that […]

How To Make Him Fall In Love: 7 Things That Actually Work

Forget all the bad advice you’ve ever been told, and keep reading to find out the 7 things that actually work to make a man fall in love with you. Certain aspects of falling in love cannot be explained. Sometimes there’s just a spark and that indescribable chemistry that has you feeling love drunk. However, […]

Quiz: Does He Like Me?

You like a guy and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you too. He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly? Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends? Stop agonizing over it and take this quiz to find out if the guy you’ve […]

How To Attract Men: The Number One Thing You Must Have

Want to know the secret to being a man magnet? You already have what it takes but you just might not have realized it yet. Women spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to attract men. We go to great lengths to look just right, but is it enough? What […]

Why Men Lose Interest And What To Do About It

Want to know why guys lose interest so quickly early on in the relationship? The answer might surprise you… Q: I’m 33 and keep attracting the same kinds of guys who pursue me for about a month and seem really into me, but then all of sudden they disappear. It seems like these guys just lose […]

Is He Cheating? – 7 Warning Signs to Look For

Your gut might tell you he’s cheating, but is it just insecurity messing with your head? If you think your man might be cheating, your gut isn’t always the most reliable indicator. Often, a bad gut feeling is really just insecurity chipping away at us. So how do you know if it’s just insecurity or if […]

Why Do Men Cheat? – The Top 10 Reasons

If you’ve ever been cheated on, the first thought that probably came to your mind was WHY? Why did he do this to me? Many are quick to blame biology. You’ve probably heard this excuse a million times before. Men are biologically programmed to spread their seeds to keep the population growing. The problem is […]

8 Signs He Is Having An Emotional Affair

An affair can be either physical or emotional since it is any relationship with someone outside the relationship that has an impact on the intimacy and overall dynamic of the relationship. An emotional affair is an affair that often begins with an innocent friendship, and although lacks physical intimacy, includes an emotional intimacy that can […]

Top 10 Things Women Do That Annoy Men

eHarmony recently posted a list of men’s ten biggest complaints about women. The author says, “men have complained about these problems in various male-oriented forums before, but here, now, I drag their 10 biggest complaints into the daylight so that everyone can finally see how women make complainers out of men.” Let’s take a look […]