Quiz: Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me QuizYou like a guy and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you too.

He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly?

Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends?

Stop agonizing over it and take this quiz to find out if the guy you’ve got your eye on feels the same way.


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  1. I have this crush on a guy and he walked passed me staring at me he also has sat by me in class and talked to me and pokes holes in my eraser.Everytime his friends sees me he says his name but also my crush talks to other girls.So what does this mean?

  2. my crush likes me. but he rejected me? help?!?!?!

  3. There’s this guy I’ve known for a year now, and we became very close friends the day we met. Although we first met and the fact he is SO oblivious, i almost instantly started liking him. I confessed to him two months after… But he wasn’t looking for a relationship… But that didnt stop us from getting any closer than we are now. We walked to class together (in and out) all of sophomore year. I learned a lot about him and how we have a lot of the same interests. Then early this year around May… A couple of our underclassmen in our class started teasing me and publicly spoke about whether I seriously liked him… He denied that I liked him, and out of rage… I blurted out that I liked him in front of the class… And then in June, we decided to give freebie to each other, and decided to stay completely honest with each other. He explained that he was happy to know my feelings and that he did like me, but his parents would never allow for a relationship… NIR did he think it was right for us to do so since it wasn’t the same “like” as I felt. And summer vacation came along and we met a couple of times during the summer. By thus school year, (as juniors) we became much closer… At times I catch him starting at me, and he sort if treats me special than all the other girls he knows… But he said he liked one of my close friend…. And for a while, I accepted until he said that he gave up, we were still close and we’ve been walking together more, he was even being more honest, and told me his secrets that not everyone knows. But he told me a month ago that he confessed to one of my other friends who (who was also a girl he used to like) moved away from us that he liked her, and that she liked him back. They’re not dating but now they know its mutual. I honestly didn’t get him, even now… He still stares at me in class and messages and talks to me more than usual. He always wants to know hiw mu day went and how im doing, even when we spoke, like a few hours before. We’re best friends, and i love him and how hes’s happy, and i get the fact he likes another girl, but its hard ti give up on him if he gices me that much attention and how we always talk abiut our feelings to each other (lol not confessions). If he likes another girl, why give me mixed signals?

    • And to further add to this…. He’s asked me to dance with him at one if our friends party, we’ve held hands, and we’ve given a few hugs this past year, which might sound casual… But for me (and he knows this too) and him, we think of it as another level to getting closer with each other, which is why we don’t hug often or touch each other.. At other times when we would talk and I was down, hed say to lean him, and I literally would and we were like that for awhile… And there was another incident where he sang for me, my song (which I sang for him) “All of Me” by John Legend. And “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. Singing for us, is a big deal, since hes really shy, and doesn’t like dining in front of others, especially me since I sing… But anyways these are some of the many close moments we have… which always confuses me if hes starting to like me or something.. Since we’ve changed our approach towards each other. We’re will awkward… But it to the point where that’s the norm between us, and I like where we stand now.. But I can’t help but wonder… Please help.

  4. I like this guy I met sometime last year when I went fishing on the sea wall with my dad. He went to another school. He was at my 8th grade pledge ceremony and when I saw him I lost all control over my emotions and my actions I have ADD and ADHD really bad and haven’t take. Medicine for it in A while I lost control over that 2. We’re both in 9th grade now and he goes to my school. He’s always somewhere around me kinda but it’s from a distance sometimes and he is kinda crazy, awkward, funny, sweet, protective ,cute, and kinda shy sometimes. He knows I like him. I’m friends with his older brother kinda and he told me that the guy I like has never asked a girl out. at the end of the first 9 weeks the older brother slipped up and told me that my crush like me but thought I didn’t hear him so said nothing else about it and changed the subject. 3 weeks later he said it again accidentally and tried to cover it up then I talked him into telling me. I don’t understand him he is kinda bi polar sometimes he wants to be around me other times he just I feel like he’s just tolerating me. My friends all think he likes me but I don’t. Some of my friends think he’s playing hard to get and everyone knows he’s playing games with me and toying with my emotions. His cousin use to mess with all time every time I was around the both of them and I could hear him in the background when we were on the phone. I’m never around the cousin and him at the same time anymore so I don’t know. I’m so confused. He won’t really come around me when I’m by certain people too. I want to ask him out on Valentine’s Day next year but I don’t know I’m kinda scared.

  5. So I have this guy at work that is 2 years older than me (I’m 16 & he’s 18) I really like him he’s super cute and hilarious! Everyone says that me and him have the exact same personality/sense of humor, but I just can’t tell if he likes me. I have noticed he stands super close to me, like I’ll turn around and his face will be right infront of me then we both laugh. I took the test and it said he’s into me but i don’t know I’m just nervous that he’ll reject me for my age.

  6. I’ve liked this guy for 8 years and he’s liked me for 8 years. I got so tired of the teasing I got for liking him so long that when I met one of his teammates/friends I said that I liked him and so his teammate and I had a thing for a little over a month but I realized how wrong I was about liking his teammate and that I still like him, every time I see him my knees get weak my stomach gets butterflies and I’m so nervous that I stutter when I talk to him. I’m great friends with his bestfriends and they all say that he doesn’t like anyone right now but whenever I see him in the hallways he gives me a big smile and when I look up at lunch I catch him looking at me every once and a while. When I go watch him play sports he automatically steps up his game once he sees me there. I’m not sure if he still likes me though. Please help!

  7. So I met this guy as a mutual friend through my mom and his mom, who are friends. So we first talked at school and hung out all Halloween at his house where I met his whole family and everything. We talked a couple other times but I invited him to a school talent show on Friday and he was really nice and sweet and gave me his jacket when I was cold. Afterwards he came back to my house till late and talked to my family. Neither of us have a phone rn so we can’t text but I’m pretty sure he likes me, many of his friends have made jokes and stuff. And a mutual friend even told me he liked me. My problem is that he never initiates things, I’m all for a girl asking a guy out, but when it’s the second or third time of her doing it shouldn’t he try something back?!?

  8. Praire Joy Seniel says

    Hi. I have a crush before, yeah before. I wasn’t planning to tell him at all but thanks to my senior, he told him. Since then he acted differently. Then I asked then I got the answer. We’re f***ing awesome friends as He said. Now I took the quiz, and the results speaks that he likes me. I dont know what to believe. But I’m with done him. Hahaha. Maybe its better for us to be just great friends. ?

  9. Im so confused. I can’t take these mix signals.. I’ve known this boy since secondary two ..this year is my last year. me and my crush use to be super close .. In class he was sitting in fromt of me ..and he would constantly turn his whole body my direction so he could talk to me .. He would do this so often that the teacher had to change his place so he wouldn’t try to talk to me haha . we also would texts all the time and video chat .But we got distant the next year. One time i think he tried to ask me out in a very”” lowkey” way .. I didn’t even notice anyways we ending up going to the cinema with a group of friends the probelm is .. He was the only boy. It didn’t seem to bother him though . anyways we had our eyes on eachother the whole night .. He always tries to make me laugh and looks at me to make sure im laughing .. Years past , we kind of got distant .. I didn’t had him and nones of my classes ..I barely saw him at school ..w e had different schedules , but if we saw each other in the halls we would say hi to eachother and if we bump in to eachother we would talk a little bit . But everytime we talk , I swear he has the biggest smile on his face .. My crush acts all shy and quiet at school but to be honest he’s so full of energy .. He’s outgoing , spontaneous ,laid back i dont know why he acts so shy at school .Especially when he talks to me .. Sometimes he tends to stare directly into my eyes and other times he is so nervous .. He can’t keep eye contact . he looks away fast then look back .. .He also ignores me sometimes ..and get quiet when he is around me. I am usullay the one to talk to him first at school and he always in a hurry to leave the conversation but yet he seems extremely happy when i come to talk to him. I would like him to talk to me first sometimes but he rarely does .. So sometimes i’ll admit it i tend to ignore him because i want him to make a move . In general , me and my ceush got distant way back ..but this year I feel like i’m falling in love with him but im not sure if he feels the same way ? He tend to onlny talk to me at school and not on social medias anymore why is that? Is he sxared that i won’t answer his messages ? I try to give him clues that I’m into him but i don’t think he notices? Im 17 year’s old

  10. Hi i really needed this answer cause i don’t know how he feels about me , he hugged me for atleast three times, the first two was when they were leaving and his friends were telling him to hug me and he did but not that tight and they told him to hug me again but tighter and so he did and the third one was when they went back here for a choral competition and at the end i was going to bid his sister goodbye but the he was blocking the way and he turned to me and hugged me and said goodbye,i hugged him back of course…..sooo i have known him for about 3 months but his family and my family are close with each other sooooo i frequently go to their house with his and my friends and also he is days away from my birthday mine’s march.24 and his is april.14.

  11. so there a guy I like and I see him on Fridays and Sundays. There a little s[pot wear I can see him and he can see me, so everytime I look at him he makes me smile so hard and laugh so much…….. I wonder if he likes me but there a problem πŸ™ ………….. he’s 15 and i’m 11 but he’s 1 inch taller then me but I really LIKE him well not like but LOVE him πŸ™‚

  12. Hey guys, I have taken so many tests to see if this guy likes me but 50% have said yes, and 50% have said no. Now what? I’m so confused…

  13. ok so this guy used to like me and we stopped talking to me for at least a year and now I think he likes me again because when ever I walk past him his friends always try to push him into me… its starting to tick me off because I want to know what’s going on but im afraid to ask because we haven’t talked for so long… and even though his friends push him and say “go NOW over there , shes there” he hasn’t talked to me…
    What should I do?

  14. i have a crush and he all always touchs me to make me blush but i always catch him looking at girls and jut really wanted an answer thank πŸ™‚

    • my crush friends told me that he likes me i know he likes me its abvious he does the frist time my bf told me he likes me but i didn’t belevie her and turns out to be true i hope he makes a move

    • I think you should ask him,
      My current boyfriend is like that, he’s my bestfriend and believe me i know how guys can be all touchy-touchy. One time he hugged me and kissed my neck which surprised me and made me flustered. Then i asked him if he likes me ‘that’ way and he said yes
      I think you should give it a go, and ask him.
      If he said no, then let it go, he’s just an ass

    • Yeah he does the same thing to me but he plays games what to do do he like me or what i need to know

  15. baby girl says

    Hey guys. I’ve known this guy for two years now. Since the first day he has shown interest in me (smiling, blowing kisses my way, walking past me and my friends as many times as possible, etc.). But the problem is now he’s being shy showing his interest in me in school as he’s getting older.. and we usually text with few month’s break as if he’s too scared to text me, it’s very confusing sometimes because I know we like each other a lot. But then again I’m not so sure about anything when we’re not texting. I’m usually the brave one to start texting so sometimes I wouldn’t text first just to see if he will text me (I want it to be mutual). So we stopped texting in January and then it was only 10 messages in May. So it’s been almost 2 months. He promised to text me the next day because he was too tired (he actually texted first). So I’m thinking of texting him something casual just to say hi.. :)) p.s. I’m 16 & he’s 14

    • Billy Jean (wink wink Micheal Jackson) says

      if he’s 14 and ur 16 I don’t think you should go for it but if he likes u that is different but ur chemistry seems amazing but you guys have to keep a conversation if you guys likes each other or not

  16. I know I’m young to be writing this but I know a really cute guy who always stares at me at lunch it’s starting to creep me out because he already has a girlfriend I’m interested in him but I’m really shy and afraid he will get mad at me but now I know he likes me (thank u quiz) I think I have a chance

  17. he really likes me but when i do somthing special,i ask him to come over whit his friends and my friends.he comes over and 30minutes after he goes away whitout saying nothing i dunno why he keep doing that?maybe he dont like me,maybe he is scared or just tired of it

  18. Okay so my best friends cousin is two years older than us and one time I went home with my bestie and he was in the car and he was staring at me and looking at me to see if I was laughing at his jokes and when I left my bestie texted me saying that he said I was really pretty and he loved my accent. Anyways I always catch him staring and it’s kinda creepy I dont know if he realises he does it. So the other day he texted me saying that I should stop staring at him and I asked him how he got my number and he said that my friends forced him to text me but they didn’t. I took this test and it said that ge liked me but I’m not sure. Help please!!

    • baby girl says

      It looks like he likes you but is embarrassed to admit it (that’s why he’s saying that friends are the ones to blame for him texting you) and that’s probably because you are from two different friend groups (the only thing in common is your cousin) and he’s probably trying to make jokes about it with his friends because he’s older.. but that’s only my opinion. πŸ™‚ good luck to you! P.s. I would suggest (the next time you see him in person) to smile at his best looking/ nicest friend and if he likes you he might start to joke about you two (because he’s insecure about what you think of him)

    • Lilmissbows says

      So this boy goes to my school he always looks at me and makes kissy faces at me and he gets any reason to touch or talk to me I took a bunch of quizzes all of them said he likes me and then I took a quiz to see who likes me what his first name starts with and it was him I thought it was a miracle I got so happy I need to get closer with him because I really do like him and I definitely know he likes me?

  19. I’ve have this pastor he is not marry and has not dated for three years but we ride together and have for the pass two years I really like him and I think he likes me to how can I tell he has told me all his life works and lots of secret how and most of all how can I tell if he likes me

  20. I have a serious crush on a guy. I always shiver when i see him and then i keep thinking about him. I see him as if he’s tbe only guy in this world then i cant think of anything else in the world. He never pays attention to me. It hurts me a lot that he doesnt feel the same for me. Im going out with a friend of him at the moment just to forget him but i just cant forget him. I cant take him out of my mind. I still shiver when i see him and my heart beats really fast. I need help

    • baby girl says

      It’s a bad situation because guys usually don’t even consider going out with his bro’s girl/ex. I feel so sorry for you because to me it looks like you feel hurt and will feel hurt for a long time because he hasn’t noticed you… πŸ™ there’s not really much to say about this πŸ™

    • Ask him out!…..maybe this could help u to…….

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