12 Word Text Men Can't Resist

3 Reasons Your Man Will Not Commit

Guys give a lot of reasons for not wanting to be in a committed relationship, but they are usually just excuses designed to let you down gently so they do not have to tell you the harsh truth. Let's delve into some of the most common reasons why men really do not want to commit. 1. He fears losing his freedom This is the most common reason men are afraid of commitment. … [Read more...]

How To Handle Hot And Cold Men

Every woman is bound to come across a guy who runs hot and cold. The hot and cold men are the ones who get close to you, then pull away, then get close to you again, and then pull away again. One week they are calling you and texting regularly, and it is great to be around them. They make you feel loved and adored, and you think everything is going great. The next week, they … [Read more...]

Why Men Pull Away And How To Deal With It

Does this situation sound familiar? You have been getting closer and closer to your guy recently and things seem to have been going really well. You guys were spending so much together and he was calling or texting every day. He would bring you flowers or do other romantic things, such as take you out for a fancy dinner date. Then all of a sudden, just as quickly as you … [Read more...]

The Only Time You Should Give A Marriage Ultimatum

As an empowered woman with a take charge attitude, you may not have the time and patience to sit around waiting for your man to pop the question. But is making a marriage ultimatum the right move? If you aren't careful, issuing an ultimatum to get that coveted engagement ring could be committing relationship suicide. There is only one time when you should actually give your … [Read more...]