What Men Want In Bed: 10 Ways To Drive Him Wild

Yes, we all know men like getting blow jobs, fantasize about threesomes, and generally just love sex and want it all the time. But let’s delve in a little deeper into what men really want in bed and wish women knew.

What Men Want In Bed1. It’s All About The Attitude

Guys want to have sex with a woman who is actually into it. Eagerness and enthusiasm go a long way. A lot of women have the attitude that just letting a guy have sex with her is some kind of gift, and guys hate that.

If you are just going through the motions, or doing it out of obligation, as a favor, or because you want something in return, that’s a major turn off.

The ultimate turn on to a guy is being with a woman who is enjoying the sex just as much as he is.

2. Make Him Feel Wanted

Men have a strong need to be sexually wanted. Just telling a man “I want you” can do all kinds of things for his ego.

Letting him know how much you enjoy sex with him also works great. Try telling him, “I love having you inside me.” If you’re too shy to say that aloud, try texting him.

If you don’t want to be that direct, you can let him catch you staring at his butt or any other part of his body that turns you on. Perhaps even touch him more than usual, especially in naughty places.

Objectify him a little, lust after him, and let him know how much he turns you on. You’ll catch him off guard and make him feel like he’s so sexy you just can’t control yourself.

3. Initiate Once In A While

Traditionally, men are the ones who initiate sex. They’re wired that way as a result of their ancient hunter ancestors.

Most men love to take charge and are cool with initiating sex most of the time. But it can get old when he has to be the one to do it every time.

Remember how guys need to feel wanted? When you never initiate sex, your man might start to feel like you’re not attracted to him.

Whisper in his ear how badly you want him inside you, or stick you hand down his pants. If you really want to rock his world, wake him with a morning BJ.

However you decide to initiate sex, it’s guaranteed to make your guy happy because for once he doesn’t have to be the one to do it.

Although men love to be in charge, they like to be dominated every once in a while too. It can get boring after a while to be the one who is always in control.

It drives a guy wild when a woman grabs him, pushes him down, and has her way with him. A woman who knows what she wants and goes after it is a huge turn on.

If you tend to let your man take control all the time, try turning the tables and taking the reins once in a while. Not only will your man be in for a surprise, but he’ll know without a doubt how much you want him.

5. Confidence Is Key

Confidence is the sexiest trait a woman can have. Whatever insecurities you have, remember that your man is with you because he’s attracted to you and wants to have sex with you.

A woman who can take her clothes off with confidence is much more attractive than a woman who asks her man to turn the lights off first. Men are visual creatures and get off on seeing you in all your naked glory.

If you are uncomfortable, try soft lighting that will hide any flaws you’re stressing over. But in all likelihood guys would never notice those little jiggles or that cellulite you’re so worried about. They’re just so thrilled to be there with you, naked!

6. Be Vocal

Guys love it when you let loose and get loud. A woman who can express herself in the bedroom is a huge turn on.

Whether it’s moaning and groaning or uninhibited screaming, they appreciate the feedback that whatever they’re doing is working. Guys need to know they’re doing a good job. They want to know that they’re driving you so wild that you can’t help but scream in ecstasy.

Throw in a little dirty talk and you’ll send him over the edge! Give him a filthy play-by-play or let him know what you want to do to him next.

7. Give Instructions

Every woman is different when it comes to what they like. Guys appreciate a little guidance on how to pleasure you, otherwise it’s a lot of trial and error on their part.

You are the one person who knows exactly what it takes to get you off, so help a guy out and give him some instructions to set him in the right direction. Don’t be shy about it!

Whether you guide him with sounds or words of encouragement when he’s on the right track, or flat out tell him what to do when he’s not, most guys will be thankful. If you want bonus points, get a little dirty when you’re telling him what you want him to do to you.

A woman who knows what she wants is a turn on. Plus, guys get a lot of sexual gratification from pleasing their partners. Anything you can do to help him please you is a win-win for both of you.

For men, sex is very much about feeding their egos. They want to feel desired, appreciated, and worshipped.

And this is why oral sex is so important to men. They are fixated on it so much because they want you to worship their cocks just as much as they do.

The key to giving a mind-blowing BJ is actually enjoying it. Having the power to send your man over the edge with a knee-buckling, thigh-quivering orgasm should make you feel sexy as hell.

Make eye-contact with your man and let him see how much pleasure it gives you to please him. You’ll make him feel like a rock star!

9. Be Adventurous

Men love women who are open to trying new things in the bedroom. Everyone has a different sexual appetite, so be adventurous and willing to try new flavors. It’s boring to do the same thing all the time anyways.

It’s also important not to make a guy feel bad about anything he wants to do. When you’re open to his fantasies, he’ll feel safe to express himself sexually and connected to you on a deeper level.

If you’re not comfortable with whatever it is he wants to do, that’s fine. Just don’t judge him for it or make him feel like a pervert. Negotiate and try to find something that works for both of you.

10. Don’t Fake It

Women usually mean well when they fake an orgasm. They don’t want to bruise their man’s ego so they just let him think he finished the job.

However, you’re actually giving positive reinforcement for something that didn’t work. If your man isn’t pleasing you, tell him how he can. Above all, your man really does want to please you and faking it doesn’t it allow him to be the best lover he can be.

If you know you aren’t going to come and you are ready to finish, you can just tell him. A direct instruction such as, “I want you to come now,” will let him know he’s free to let himself go without worrying about whether it’s been long enough for you.

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  1. My man is rarely in the mood though, and when I have tried these tips… He got aggravated and frustrated. He’s Former military and a bit older than I am, but he just seems burnt out. I can’t do anything right without upsetting him or seeming desperate to him… I’ve tried advice, I’ve tried talking to him, and I have even tried talking to a doctor to see if I’m the problem. I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m about to give up… Do they make hormone killers? He won’t see a doctor so I’m willing to. I just want him to want me as much as I want him..

  2. I want to be my mans everything! We are very active and its good to have some reminders at time s. Only problem i have is when giving a bj he is kunda big. i want to be able to really get him going. lol hopefully i can find some tips on hiw to tackle that isdue

    • One big tip on giving bjs are most men love it when its sloppy they wanna see you have the most amount of fun on his dick as possible so dont be afraid to spit on it a little or try to deep throat. You never know you may see him roll his eyes his toes may start to curl a lil lol…. just give it a try.

  3. as a man i would say this is the most turning ons for all mens almost

  4. Good advice, it’s true you should be confident in bed, best way to feel sexy and get your man in the mood.

  5. what should I do to my man to really turn him in on in bed that he’ll be so turn on?

    • Honestly the only person that can answer that is you let him know you do have a freaky side and then he should slowly open up. but just think about what your man likes is he a boobs or butt guy if he likes a butt wear a thong to bring it out a little more if hes a boobs guy get a bra that will boost your girls up or even get a bra thats shows off your nipples it really all depends on you rman and what he likes.

  6. my boyfriend always complains that he wants me to talk dirty in bed or initate sex… and take more control in the bedroom.. idk why im having such a hard time with this? i feel so embarassed.

    • honey dont be embrassed hes trying to ask you to show him your freaky side and even if you have to turn off the lights and do it or better yet try this exsercise go in lok in the mirror and just say whatever dirty thing comes to your mind and you may laugh at yoruself but i promise that will be the one thing he will love is that you can take that exsericse and do it with him.

  7. Adline olusola says

    Good advice

  8. I know what to do the next Time I’m alone with my guy 🙂 … Thank you

  9. We ‘ve been friends for the past six years with this guy,we started dating lastweek, on our first date we booked a hotel room, he first went down on me until i orgasm,we had normal sex until he reaches his orgasm,we took a nap,i woke up and did oral sex until he surrender,waited for few minutes for him to recover then i went on top,i was riding him as an ex friend,then i ask him for a doggy style,he was very pleased,he was riding me like in a porn movie,we both enjoyed.now he is always texting me telling me how much he loves me and he wish us to be family soon.

  10. My Guy said these ten tips were the best he had ever seen or read for pleasing him or making our love life the best. Tips are straight forward and accurate, all true.

  11. inkychick says

    i knw wat i’m doing tonight 😀

  12. I have been with my soon to be husband for 6 years and 2 children later … we have an amazing sex life and I love it. To me it isn’t about me it is about him. I love giving him oral going down on him out of nowhere and I enjoy it and in return I get off. We often make sure even with kids, work, and life there is time for us even if it’s just a few moments. Make the most of it and enjoy it and believe me it will be the best for your relationship no matter how long you have been together.

  13. Assan James says

    A lot of women feel as though giving a man pleasure orally is a very degrading or demeaning sexual experience. It is actually quite the opposite. Giving him oral sex allows you to control and dominate him in bed. He is at your mercy and he is under your control. It is up to you to give him pleasure to make him orgasm and when he does, you will feel so much more satisfaction than you would making love to him. As well, knowing that you were the reason why he had an orgasm will bring you so much pleasure as well and that is how you get more turned on.

  14. Another sizzling hot sex tip for women is to learn how to dirty talk. This is one of the best ways to make him want you bad. A lot of women are nervous about being vocal in the bedroom. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling of vulnerability. Regardless, you need to step out of that comfort zone and live a little. Free yourself from your nervousness and learn how to control him vocally. Tell him what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. This is one of the sexiest ways to get him going and one of the best ways to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

  15. I am definitely gonna try this with my man, let’s hope it works!

  16. Thanks for your help!

  17. This is amazing it has really opened my eyes more. Thanks!

  18. wow hopefully these instructions will be helpful THANKS!!!

  19. Thanks, there were lots of helpful tips in this article!

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